Microplastics – Canada to Explore Environmental and Human Health Effects

In October 2020, the Canadian government released a report, titled “Science assessment of plastic pollution”  which summarizes “… the current state of the science regarding the potential impacts of plastic pollution on the environment and human health … It provides a review of the available information … including its sources, occurrence, and fate, as well as on the potential effects … on the environment and human health.

This report … [surveys] the existing state of science in order to guide future scientific and regulatory activities … single-use plastics make up the bulk of macroplastics found on shorelines … there is a lack of standardized, high-quality methods … for measuring, quantifying and characterizing microplastics … information on the human health effects of microplastics is limited, and further research is required … it is anticipated that the frequency of occurrence of physical effects on individual environmental receptors will continue to increase … action is needed to reduce macroplastics and microplastics that end up in the environment …” #PlasticWaste #MicroPlastics #SingleUsePlastic