Microplastics – Ingestion by Marine Fish Studied

According to the abstract of a paper published February 9, 2021 in Cell Change Biology by researchers with Stanford University and UC Davis  “… we compile data from research documenting plastic debris ingestion by marine fish … Across all studies that accounted for microplastics, the incidence rate of plastic ingested by fish was 26%. Over the last decade this incidence has doubled … Further, we investigated the role of geographic, ecological, and behavioral factors in the ingestion of plastic across species.

These analyses revealed that the abundance of plastic in surface waters was positively correlated to plastic ingestion … Mobile predatory species had the highest likelihood to ingest plastic … We also find evidence that surface ingestion‐deep sea egestion of microplastics by mesopelagic myctophids is likely a key mechanism for the export of microplastics from the surface ocean to the seafloor … These results elucidate the role of ecology and biogeography underlying plastic ingestion by marine fish and point toward species and regions in urgent need of study
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