Plastic Waste – Break Free Plastic Pollution Act of 2021 Introduced

On March 25, 2021, the Break Free Plastic Pollution Act of 2021 was introduced in both the US House H.R.2238 and Senate S.984 – The legislation would require “… producers of plastic products to design, manage, and finance waste and recycling programs …  [incentivize] corporations to make reusable products and items that can actually be recycled; Create a nationwide beverage container refund program … Reduce and ban certain single-use plastic products … Eliminate waste export loopholes … Require the National Academy of Science to study and assess the direct and cumulative health, environmental, and economic impacts of plastic waste incinerators and other similar technology; Establish minimum recycled content requirements … [Standardize] recycling and composting labeling; and Generate massive investments in U.S. domestic recycling and composting infrastructure, while pressing pause on new plastic facilities …” #PlasticWaste #Recycling

Published by Jack Cooper

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