Microplastics – Historical Presence in Fish Digestive Systems Studied

The abstract of a March 1, 2021 Ecological Applications paper by researchers with Loyola University of Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, and the University of Toronto https://esajournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/eap.2320 reports that “… Measuring the patterns of microplastic pollution in the past is critical for predicting future trends and for understanding the relationship between plastics in fish and the environment. We measured microplastics in digestive tissues of specimens collected from the years 1900–2017 and preserved in museum collections … No microplastics were detected in any fish prior to 1950. From mid‐century to 2018, microplastic concentrations showed a significant increase … Overall, plastic pollution in common freshwater fish species is increasing and pervasive across individuals and species, and is likely related to changes in environmental concentrations. Museum specimens are an overlooked source for assessing historical patterns of microplastic pollution, and for predicting future trends in freshwater fish …” #MicroPlastics @LoyolaChicago @FieldMuseum @UofT @RaeMcNeish @KeenanMunno @ChelseaRochman

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