Nanoplastics – Differences between Microplastics and Engineered Nanomaterials Discussed

According to an April 29, 2021 Nature Nanotechnology article by Canadian, French and US researchers “… nanoplastics are distinguished from microplastics with respect to their transport properties, interactions with light and natural colloids, a high fraction of particle molecules on the surface, bioavailability and diffusion times for the release of plastic additives … [and] because of their high particle heterogeneity and their potential for rapid further fragmentation in the environment. These characteristics impact environmental fate, potential effects on biota and human health, sampling and analysis. Like microplastics, incidentally produced nanoplastics exhibit a diversity of compositions and morphologies and a heterogeneity that is typically absent from engineered nanomaterials. Therefore, nanoscale plastics must be considered as distinct from both microplastics and engineered nanomaterials …” #MicroPlastics #NanoPlastics @DukeEngineering @UMI_TAKUVIK @McGillU

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