Plastic Waste – Legislation Approved by Chile Legislature

A May 21, 2021 EcoWatch story confirmed by the Environment Minister reports that “… Chile’s legislature has unanimously passed a plastic regulation law … [that] seeks to reduce single-use plastic pollution by banning hard-to-recycle items from being served in restaurants or through delivery services … the law promotes the use of recyclable materials by creating a certificate program … The law also requires beverage companies to educate customers about the importance of reusable bottles and mandates that any establishment selling drinks offer reusable alternatives to single-use plastic bottles … The bill now has to be signed by Chile’s president and be presented as a public notice, but organizers say this is just a formality. The ban on single-use styrofoam containers and smaller plastic items will go into effect within six months, while the entire program will be implemented within three years …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic

Published by Jack Cooper

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