Plastic Waste – Need for Negotiation Between Industry and Government Explained

A May 18, 2021 Value Chain Management International (VCMI) news release announced release of a joint paper authored by VCMI and Packaging Technology and Research which “… proposes establishing a negotiated agreement between industry and government that sets out explicit packaging and food waste and loss (FLW) targets. Key Takeaways from the Paper 1) A tandem focus on food and packaging waste is needed to meet GHG emission targets. 2) GHG emissions that result from food sent to landfill are greater than the GHG emissions of plastic food packaging. 3) The need for negotiated agreements is particularly critical in federated countries such as Canada and the US … 4) Industry must be the driving force for change … 5) Government-implemented policies, regulations, and programs need to incentivize and assist industry in addressing barriers …” – The paper also addresses recyclable vs recycled and extended producer responsibility (EPR) #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #FoodPackaging @ValuechainsAg

Published by Jack Cooper

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