Plastic Waste – US Chamber Foundation Initiative

A May 26, 2021, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation news release announces a new Foundation “… initiative to help realize a more sustainable future for plastics … the initiative will identify opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of plastics, while helping businesses make their plastics value chain more sustainable … Achieving sustainability in plastics is multi-faceted, and solutions will require new thinking, bold approaches and deep collaborations with a diverse set of stakeholders. To help address these issues, the Foundation hired a Sustainability Fellow … [Kyla Fisher] who will focus on researching innovations across the plastics value chain, from materials engineering and industrial design to consumer use and recycling infrastructure. The initiative will convene dialogues with stakeholders ranging from innovators to investors, to explore opportunities and challenges faced in achieving plastics circularity …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @USCCFoundation

Published by Jack Cooper

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