Microplastics – Fish Exposure Explored

The abstract of an August 15, 2021 Journal of Hazardous Materials article by researchers with UK University of Essex, Israel Ben Gurion University, Israel Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences and UK University of Cambridge https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304389421010232 report that “… Microplastic (MP) pollution is a key global environmental issue and laboratory exposure studies on aquatic biota are proliferating at an exponential rate … we investigated to what degree treatment-level responses to MP exposure may be affected by variation in MP ingestion rates in the early life stages of a marine fish … We found that consistent inter-individual variation in MP ingestion was prevalent and led to differential impacts within exposure treatments. Individuals with high MP ingestion rates exhibited markedly inferior escape responses … Our findings show that the measured response of populations to environmental perturbations could be confounded by variation in individual-level responses and that the explicit integration of MP ingestion variation can reveal cryptic patterns during exposure experiments …” #MicroPlastics

Published by Jack Cooper

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