Plastic Waste – 35 percent of Amazon Shareholders Supported “As You Sow” Proposal

A June 1, 2021, Green Century Capital Management news release reports that “…, Inc. shareholders voted Wednesday at the company’s annual meeting on a shareholder proposal … which urges the company to develop strategies for reducing its significant plastic footprint … [The proposal] garnered a notable 35% of the vote … Much of the plastic packaging Amazon uses for shipping products is made of flexible plastic, which is not curbside recyclable … In order to effectively reduce marine plastic pollution over the coming decades, retailers and consumer goods companies must reduce their plastic demand one-third by 2040 … As You Sow was the lead filer of the proposal and Green Century was the co-filer …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @AsYouSow @Amazon @WholeFoods

Published by Jack Cooper

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