Plastic Waste – Take Out Food and Beverage Containers Found in Global Litter

The abstract of a June 10, 2021 Nature Sustainability article by researchers with Spain Instituto Universitario de Investigación Marina (INMAR) harmonizes “… worldwide litter-type inventories across seven major aquatic environments and find that a set of plastic items from take-out food and beverages largely dominates global litter, followed by those resulting from fishing activities. Compositional differences between environments point to a trend for litter to be trapped in nearshore areas so that land-sourced plastic is released to the open ocean, predominantly as small plastic fragments. The world differences in the composition of the nearshore litter sink reflected socioeconomic drivers, with a reduced relative weight of single-use items in high-income countries. Overall, this study helps inform urgently needed actions to manage the production, use and fate of the most polluting human-made items on our planet, but the challenge remains substantial …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @univcadiz

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