Single-Use Plastics – European Commission Directive Issued

A June 17, 2021 Keller and Heckman Packaging Law story advises that the European Commission has published “… its long-awaited Guidelines on single-use plastics, Commission notice 2021/C 216/01, in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) on June 7, 2021. By way of background, the Single-Use Plastics Directive, (EU) 2019/904, inter alia, bans the use of certain single-use plastic products—including cutlery, plates, straws (except if they are medical devices), beverage stirrers, certain food containers made of expanded polystyrene as well as beverage containers and cups made of expanded polystyrene, and products made from oxo-degradable plastics—effective July 3, 2021.  Under Article 12 of the Single-Use Plastics Directive, the EC was required to publish the Guidelines by July 3, 2021 … The guidelines are not legally binding, but may be referred to by business operators and EU Member State enforcement authorities alike in interpreting the provisions of the Single-Use Plastics Directive …” #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @KellerandHeck

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