Science Magazine Special Issue on “Plastics”

The July 2, 2021, Special Issue of Science Magazine on “Plastics” examines “… a range of topics related to plastics, from their distribution in the environment to their development into an evolutionary trap for animals to ways we can rethink them to create a better future …” – The Table of Contents follows: Introduction to the Special Issue: A Devil’s Bargain; The plastic eaters; When plastics are precious; A binding global agreement to address the life cycle of plastics; The myth of historical bio-based plastics; Achieving a circular bioeconomy for plastics; Plastics in the Earth system; Plastic ingestion as an evolutionary trap: Toward a holistic understanding; The global threat from plastic pollution; and Toward polymer upcycling—adding value and tackling circularity – #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic @ScienceMagazine

Published by Jack Cooper

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