Plastic Waste – Nestle Mexico Announces Recycling Platform

A September 28, 2021 Nestle Mexico news release “… announced the signing of an agreement with Greenback Recycling Technologies … triggering a project focused on plastic packaging that is currently not recycled, including multilayer flexible and aluminum-laminated plastics … Greenback will purchase plastic waste from waste collectors and use an innovative microwave-induced pyrolysis technology – developed by Enval …to transform worthless plastic packaging into a pyrolytic oil that can be used in the petrochemical industry to manufacture new products with post-consumer recycled content … Nestlé will pay Greenback a fee per ton of plastic packaging collected and recycled with Enval’s technology. In addition, it will be investing in the adaptation to the Mexican market of Greenback’s eco 2 Veritas Circularity Platform system, which allows full traceability of the neutralization, recycling and payment process to waste collectors, ensuring that they are remunerated in a transparent and equitable way …” #PlasticWaste #Recycling #SingleUsePlastic @NestleMX @greenbackrecycl @EnvalLtd

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