Plastic Waste – California Enacts Recyclable, Export, Beverage Container Recycling and Compostable Legislation

An October 5, 2021 California Governor News Release reports that the governor has signed SB 343 “… which requires products to meet benchmarks in order to be advertised or labeled as recyclable … AB 881 … which discourages practices resulting in exporting plastic that becomes waste and ensures that only exports of truly recycled plastics count toward state waste reduction and recycling metrics … AB 1311 [which] allows more flexible operations for beverage container recycling centers to reduce overhead and increase redemption access … [and] AB 1201 [which] strengthens labeling requirements to ensure products labeled ‘compostable’ are actually compostable and to keep harmful chemicals out of California’s compost stream …” #PlasticWaste #Recycling #Compost

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