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PFPW’s work is excellent and contributes a great deal to the breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding on this remarkable issue.” Kelly Johnston, a 23 year veteran of the food industry, former Secretary of the US Senate, and US Department of Transportation official.

“Plastic Food Packaging Waste News is an excellent resource to read about the latest studies and news about plastic waste.  Their newsletter is full of informative news on plastic waste and is one of my go-to sources.” Hannah Testa, Hannah 4 Change
Hannah is a visionary high-school student, international speaker, author and founder of Hannah4Change a non-profit dedicated to addressing environmental issues, who, on October 13, 2020 published the book Taking on the Plastics Crisis

Your site was just the kind of information source a student like me hopes to find, in order to learn about trends, policy, and actions in the food packaging waste arena.”  Christina Tamayo, Rice University – Jones MBA Candidate, 2022